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“The Big O” Lebron 8

Lebron is (in my honest opinion) the most Talented player in the NBA. Kobe is Arguable the best, but What Lebron does year in and year out is not to be overshadowed. i do believe he would be higher on … Continue reading

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WDYWT 4-13-2011 Olympic Air force 1

Today sucked. it was wetter then a virgin on prom night out here, but i maintained. my go to ACG’s are done for, and i didnt want to break out anything but patent leather in todays weather so i broke out one of … Continue reading

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WDYWT 4-7-2011: Torque Air Force One

Today my Presence was requested in the great state of New York. never really been, not on some tourist level. today was no different. got asked to show up at my man Mikeys Early Release of the Bordeaux Jordan 7. … Continue reading

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Holy Grail status

The Term “Holy Grail” is just being Abused and Confused nowadays for anything that someone wants at the present moment. i believe a true Holy Grail should be something not easily attained, and price is irrelovent. these are some of my … Continue reading

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WDYWT 4-2-2011 Space Jam Lebron VII

Today i had to hit the City of Brotherly love to pick up some orders and decided to bring out my younger Brother and his friends. Decided to unds the Space Jam Lebron VII Not to be undone, my younger … Continue reading

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