Thank you, everyone, for everything. The love i Recieve is crazy, and i feel its time to pass it forward. What better way to show love then to give away something free? With that said the Kind People at AddictedToTheHigh.com are Proud to Present you own chance to win your very own Custom Sneaker The Winners will have a chance to collaborate with MizzeeCustoms on their very own 1 of 1 custom Sneaker…. yes WINNERS! there shall be 1 male and 1 female Winner choosen. (and no, thats not me up there)

Contest Starts: April 1st

Contest Ends: April 30th. Winner will be chosen the first week of May

How to Enter

1. Follow @MizzeeCustoms on Twitter and tweet this line: Just entered the AddictedToTheHigh.com FREE sneaker Giveaway. Follow @MizzeeCustoms and tweet to win http://bit.ly/cBlHwD #ADDICTED2WINNING

2. Like Our Addicted To The high page on Facebook

3. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel

4. Subscribe to our site for updates and More


  • Please only enter once. entering too many times will get you marked as spam and disqualified.
  • ALL Winners are selected Randomly
  • Winners will be contacted and will have 30 minutes to respond back. if no response then another winner will be picked.
  • All work Created for the Winners will be new work. none of my past work.
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  1. I guess I am the first to register….You know how negro’s are……first in line for Free b4 11….

  2. Vinh says:

    Hi man the line that we need to tweet : Just entered the AddictedToTheHigh.com FREE sneaker Giveaway. Follow @MizzeeCustoms and tweet to win http://bit.ly/cBlHwD #ADDICTED2WINNING is longer than the limit tweet 2 characters so can u change the line?

  3. Wulan Sari says:

    Awesome ,enter for sure (>_<)
    Tweeted :@wulanjog
    Like on FB :Wulan Sari P
    subscribe: wulanjog

  4. Jendryy says:

    This addictedtothehigh.com is incredible. Keep posting buddy !
    365 bet

  5. Sole_Society says:

    IN … thanks for the reminder to enter

  6. parris says:

    What time will u announce the winners?

  7. Asia says:

    Did you pick the winner yet

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