WDYWT 4-2-2011 Space Jam Lebron VII

Today i had to hit the City of Brotherly love to pick up some orders and decided to bring out my younger Brother and his friends. Decided to unds the Space Jam Lebron VII

Not to be undone, my younger brother brought out the Parra Patta am90’s i made. NICE!

My other Young bul Shonray had on the Fusion Jordan 10 AFJ\

and everything seemed to be going smoothe, till my brothers other friend Isiah thought it was summer SMH

bad enough its 43 degrees today and he’s wearing flip flops, but a hole too?

during our excursion we seen this band out there playing for money, if that aint a hustle…

we hit UBIQ up, meet up with BDubb, Sn3ak3r_fr3aker, and Matt. Cool dudes, definately gotta get up and hang one day. we made the b-line for South Street and stopped at Atomic comic shop

as soon as we walked in they played my favorite cartoon growing up, ninja turtles, so i pretty much was here for like 2 hours solid

once i get a lil more important, im buying this for my Desk

they also had tons of other random stuff/gems

after that we headed to get something to eat. Jims is ALWAYS packed for some reason. i dont even like their CheeseSteaks personnally, but tons of famous people go there. its like a Tourist spot more-so.

That was in August 2010 over the summer, but this right here is todays line

the line goes around the building… and it moves fairly quick

with that said we didnt eat there, hit the spot across the street. it was packed, but its always room. plus the one waitress had a nice lil stuffy 😉

Anyway My younger brother and his homie had the Bryton burger. 1/2 lp pattys with monteray and bacon. no lie, it had like 7 pieces of bacon on the 1 sandwhich!

Not to be outdone, i had the Gyro Lamb Burger. this had a Cucumber sauce that was MEAN! definately will be back for more

washed it down with this Bombay behind Root Beer! Made in Philly FTW!

once we threw those Burgers down like a champ, we hit the exit, and my Young Bul happen to start tapping me, im like “WHAT THE!?” and then i seen it… 


after that we routed to meet up with ms Christina my young buls lookin like Dorothy and the Gang skippin up the yellow brick road…

crossed some great things as usual

one day, ima take a beautiful woman on one of these Carraige rides, thats on my BucketList before i die…

Finally got to the Franklin Foutain. Christina said it was famous or something or other

i dont know about famous, but damn the prices were higher then Rick James

like they sold their own brand of soda for 3 dollars (6 for $15). shoot these Lollipops were $3 each

shoot my Franklin Float Sundae was $10, but i got it to go instead of to Dine in, so it came in a box 😦 but it was still dope

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2 Responses to WDYWT 4-2-2011 Space Jam Lebron VII

  1. Christina says:

    Lmao it was a franklin mint sundae. And I said they were on diners, drive in and dives on the food network soooo I guess they’re semi famous sort of. Atleast you spelled my name correct.

  2. DGOUDY says:


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