Holy Grail status

The Term “Holy Grail” is just being Abused and Confused nowadays for anything that someone wants at the present moment. i believe a true Holy Grail should be something not easily attained, and price is irrelovent. these are some of my Holy Grails.

2004 Olympic Air force 1’s

only the white tagged pair count tho, the black tags and black laces were for the fakes

Michigan Dunk High

Atmos Air Max 1

Jordan V with the Nike air on the back (the ones with the 23 on the  side kills me)

Pharrel dunk high

Opium Air Max 180

Sole collector Seattle Air Max 95

these are special tho, limited to 300 pairs, only released in seattle

i coulda punched Mannie in his face twice once he told me he got them and Blacked his pair out!

With that said South Beach Lebron 8’s prolly shouldnt be your Holy grail, there not hard to find, all you need is the money for them if you really want them… but to each their own.

so whats your grails? leave a comment or 2, let me know. i love to hear from my fellow Sneaker Fiends

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4 Responses to Holy Grail status

  1. sneakerkyng says:

    Mowabb edition Hurache LE very hard to find and a dope and all around comfortable shoe!

  2. John Orlando says:

    My 2001 black/cement 3’s (Nike Air on the back), OG ’93 Playoff 8’s, Snakeskin XI’s, and I hate to sound cliché, but my Space Jam XI’s but because they are original release, not 2009 release. Also, my Thrashin’ Dunks.

  3. Korey Liingston says:

    I have a few holy grails. I definitely agree that the term holy grail should be reserved for exclusive, not easily attained and most of all just a hot pair of kicks (regardless of price or brand). With that being said my faves are the pearl foams, the 1st and 2nd Grant Hill Filas(the only Filas to ever touch my body) and there’s just something about the Nike Air Mission football kicks that makes me drool. I really wish that Nike would re-release the Air Missions; for a limited time of course. They came out in like ’92 and I’ve been a sneakerhead ever since.

  4. Daniel butler says:

    I have one grail and one grail only OG Aqua 8’s

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