WDYWT 4-7-2011: Torque Air Force One

Today my Presence was requested in the great state of New York. never really been, not on some tourist level. today was no different. got asked to show up at my man Mikeys Early Release of the Bordeaux Jordan 7.

Decided to break out my Torque Air Force ones i made

took me like 3 hours to get there, but i got there eventually. show was in the lower east side.

this joint got pack asap

had about 24 or so pairs to toss out i think

heres me and Revives stuff on the table, things got hectic so there was no way to really set them up nicely, so we said eff it, and by we, i mean Me

now Revives my dude. knew each other via internet presence for years since the old Urb1 days and actually met up in person last year at the funk flex car show and been cool ever since. this is definately my favorite pair of his.

also, he dosnt just paint shoes, he also makes mean turkey burgers and spins on the one and 2’s. Thanks for letting me crash at the pad homie

not only was i and Revive there, but so was the good brotha Jai Cruz. you may have seen his work all over fitted caps. definate monster and really humble guy.

peep the details in the brooklyns finest fitted. MEAN!

also there was

this Canvas was dope too. it was like 4×5 feet, maybe 6 i think. had it on 2 easels.

heres some more dope art from a few other artist

dude had on these there too, nice customs

heres a fitted i got for free as well, dude said “if you can fit it, then you can have it”

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