WDYWT 4-13-2011 Olympic Air force 1

Today sucked. it was wetter then a virgin on prom night out here, but i maintained. my go to ACG’s are done for, and i didnt want to break out anything but patent leather in todays weather so i broke out one of my Olympic AF1s. this was actually the shoe that made an impact as far as details went. i got 3 pairs of these (my beaters, a vnds pair i wore twice in 07, and a ds pair).

Anyway i had to drop off some work to my man Ryan who got some Lebrons done. if you Recall i met up with him back in my WDYTD post in March. as i was dropping off the fresh kicks i did for him all hell breaks loose with some guy and Security at the Gallery. tsk tsk, typical Philly ish tho. peep the vid

after that i aint do much, hit Mitchell and Ness, scooped a mean NJ Devils Fitted to go with these LB8s i did (ill post those tonight) and picked up some KD3s. I found them on sale for like $45! im still debating on working on them or leaving them as is…

 on my was from Ubiq i seen the most beautiful booty on a woman ive seen in 5 days!

i was across the street, but my Spider sense picked that thing up ASAP! had me go into my Creeper cam mode. i was inbetween cars in a cross position to get the Right angle… on some Call of duty ish… but look at it and tell me its not magnificent tho

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