“The Big O” Lebron 8

Lebron is (in my honest opinion) the most Talented player in the NBA. Kobe is Arguable the best, but What Lebron does year in and year out is not to be overshadowed. i do believe he would be higher on the MVP voting if it wasnt for all the negativity of his “Decision” (not to take ANYTHING away from Derrick Rose who is the Clear MVP of this season, rightfully so). with all the backlash Lebron Recieved its good to know that Oscar Robertson also believes in Lebron as do it

that alone is inspiration enough for me. That and a getting a triple double in the allstar game this year (not to mentioning having more points in the 3rd Quarter then Scoring Leader Kevin Durant did in the 1st half)

i had to do something as an ode to The Big O, and all his accolades, and Lebron with his elevating game (he leads the League with 4 triple doubles this year, 32 total for his Career). enter the Lebron 8

Take that base shoe, incorporate some tedious and random Do It Yourself mentality. Also some inspiration from the bucks throwback Bob Laniar jersey just because i love the jerseys look

but before i get into the sneakers, heres Lebron scoring 16 points in 2 minutes against the Bucks…

on to the sneakers. they feature a 3 tone green panel on the heel and  a 2 tone green Carbon Fiber shank on the front outlined in mettalic green; Deep forest green toungue and inside cushion. a red Speckled Green Airbag and bottom out sole to compliment it all aswell. enjoy

Eeven matches my NJ Devils fitted i picked up from Mitchell & Ness (told yall i would show you the shows when i picked it up in my WDYWT  post)

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