Gilbert Arenas 1 of 1 Jordan VI

I miss  Orlando, FL. Easily was some of the best moments of my life. Great friends, Talks Massive amounts of crazyness, Snuck in and out of plenty young beautiful womens cribs, Hangovers… 😀 the works. heres one of the “day afters of being hungover” back in the day with some homies down there

Even me and my Homie Simba was Beer pong champs at Jungle Jims, hence the beads on my neck. TEAM THUNDERCATS FOR THE WIN BABY!!!

anyway during my stay i did manage to stay creative, industrious even, painting everything i could get my hands on. Few Kicks, Canvas’s aswell; but the t-shirts were always moving heavy.

The love i got in Orlando was unparrelled. its what actually made me Believe more in my own ability to be honest. So when i was Commisioned to do a pair For Gilbert Arenas of the Orlando Magic it was a No brainer

Gilbert Arenas is also known as the Sneaker Champ; due to him wearing pretty popular sneakers in almost all the games this year. Didnt matter if they were Nikes, adidas, Filas, or even Reeboks

 He’s was Notorious (and out of his mind) for wearing these Dolce & Gabanna strap up sneakers on court

Or even one of my recent favorites, the Jordan 6 (shout out Jameer Nelson in the Background)

i actually broke those out for my WDMWT new years Edition post as well

anyway  i had created a Rough Outline of what i was gonna do (which i really hate doing, ruins the spontinaity of it all for me) and once it was Approved by the league, it was a go (they told me it had to be team colored, which was Always my Original plan)

i actually ended up changing a few things but stuck to the essential idea, which was to make a true Orlando Magics Jordan that wouldnt be confused with Player Exclusives like these Olando Jordan X’s made for Nick Anderson

I wanted to dedicate the Shoe to All the Players who ever wore a Orlando Magics Jersey with the Number 1 on it. first thing that comes to mind is Penny Hardaway

The Pinstriping factor was important to me, its what seperated itself from the Other Magic Jerseys they’ve had over the years, so it need to be utilized.

i wanted to Incorporate the Pinstripes of the Jersey into the Shoe without overworking it. its easy to overdo a good thing, such as these Sample Orlando VII’s

while thinking on how i would like to incorporate it i happen to be looking online for some Half-cents to work on at the same time and noticed the Pinstriping inside the Air Bubble unit. since the halfcents are a hybred, they that take that from the Air Max Penny 1’s

 so i added that aspect to the Sole, while the Upper featured something from another Injury Proned player who wore the #1 in an Orlandos Magics Jersey, Tracy McGrady.

In 20o2-2003 T-macs Jersey Easily was the most breck neck thing you could wear (tied with the Jordans Bullets Jersey), due to the Authentic Version of the Jersey Having the Stars Visible on it (the iron on and Swingmans didnt have the detail)

i knew i had to have that on the sneaker. No question. but not just in blue, so i also did it in the pearled white tone in the back area like the Home white jersey as well.  

i Decided to use a Jordan VI, Specifically the Oreo Jordan VI as the base shoe for 2 reasons.

1:After seeing him in the Oreo Jordan VI the first thing i thought about was “a Jordan Vi would be dope in the Magics colorway, it would be like a Kicked up Olympic 6!”

2nd:  Michael Jordan won his First Championship in the Jordan VI, which kinda went along with the “number 1” theme i kinda went with.

Unfortunately, Gilbert Arenas didnt get a Chance to wear them. he Planned to rock them in game 7 at home, but Orlando was Beaten in the First round by Atlanta  in Game 6 (Insert Miz’s Indian tear) as seen on Twitter

i almost wasnt gonna show them, but damn near everyone on every Social Media Network im on wanted to see them just cause they dig what i do regardless who its for, and thats love to me. reminded me of that Orlando love… so without too many more words, Heres the 1 of 1 for the SneakerChamp Gilbert Arenas

and here is the Video

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  21. Soyou can edit and repair any shoe i send even with scratches on em’?

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