In Retrospect: The Korn Dunk High

These are my Korn dunks i made in 2008. still lookin good from numerous wear and tear days. usually i got on my AM24/7’s or Stabbs but i still wear these at work for 13 hrs strait on my feet. figured id show pics of the hold up of them.

This side of the pair is based on the “Follow The leader” album cover art, which was drawn by Todd Mcfarlane. yes the guy who created Spawn.

if i were to do them nowadays, id prolly be more anal about the details, but i tend to slack off on my own personnal pairs honestly, but im good with most the details tho

Even did the chaulk on the hopscotch spot

The left pair however, is based on the Issues Album Cover

its hard to match the detail level that the right pair had imo, but the colors seemed to flow with both covers, so i went for it

the main difference was the executions tho, where are one side is heavy on small line detail, this side needed more brush work. it was a Skill VS Technique kinda thing

it was more about utilizing depth and color, more then say Sharp and presise line work for me

for the fronts i wanted to add a dynamic to them, give them a punkish feel to match the music, so i made some crocodile Lace covers and did them and the toe cap in a bronzed kinda gold i mixed down

Definately one of my favorite pairs actually, and one of the few customs i wear that ive created. for the OG pics check my 2008 sneaker archive.

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2 Responses to In Retrospect: The Korn Dunk High

  1. Maybe one of the first customs I saw by you back in the day, and still probably one of my favorites. Good stuff

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