WDYWT 5-6-2011: Gucci Dunk Low

It was a beautiful night for a movie with the fellas, and i dont put on decent clothes often, so i broke out one of my RL Polos paired with my ATR fitted

 And since i brought out the Polo you know i had to UnDs my Gucci Dunk lows i made last year

for some reason it appears lighter in that pic, but its pretty good match in person

whatever. either way me, my younger brother, and my other young bul hit up the movies to see… Wait for it……

Yes Thor. As a comic geek at heart, i wasnt gonna miss this for NOBODY!

I swear Thors pops had on Gucci print armor with Damier’ sleeves…

and a Gold Plate Slick Rick eyepatch

Thor was extra Ratchet in this film, and once chicks got mad, he hit them broads with the colgate smile and they melted

 Asgard is one of the best CGI designed places ive seen in a movie ever

the walls of Asgard are golden too, just like the walls of Sophia Vagara

The destroyer was bout it, straight Goon

SPOILER ALERT: the only black guy in the movie dosn’t die!!!

In summation its a good movie, great comic refferences nods without trying too hard (Clint Bart anyone?), however the scene at after the end credits wasn’t as epic as the other MARVEL movies, but its enough to give you an idea of what direction captain america is going.

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2 Responses to WDYWT 5-6-2011: Gucci Dunk Low

  1. John Orlando says:

    thor looks poppin. what kind of canon camera you got?

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