WDYWTD 5-17-2011: Sneakerpedia Party Recap

I recently got an invite to hit up this Complex mag/Footlocker Sneakerpedia.com VIP Party in NY, so it was only right to go in style.

My mans Kev  seen me at the party and was coming at my neck over my Shirt tho, cause his Wife got him the same one. apparently his wife got good taste, but dig this tho, did she get him the matching drawls tho? O’ard…

Since it’s a sneaker event, they encourage you to wear a nice pair i almost wore some customs. Almost… but that woulda been too…Cliche’. so i went i un-deadstocked my Reebok Undefeated Question Mids. Yea, the Allen Iversons.

“there’s gonna be a million people that love Allen Iverson. There’s gonna be a billion people that hate Allen Iverson. concentrate on the ones that care about you and keep steppin” is written on the tongue.

Teal suede, fuchsia 3m, hot pink tongue, yellow insides, blue speckled orange soles, raised Lettering/Numbers…. who else was doing this back in 2006?  

These were released in 2006, 10 years after A.I. was drafted by the Sixers. limited to about 200 pairs i believe. only in LA

anywho i made the long a grueling trip to NY, easily spent more time on the bus then ACTUALLY being in NY, but i don’t regret it. here’s the View from the peter pan

hopped off the bus and met up with my mans DeadstockNYC and made moves to the party.

 Once we hit the door, hopped in line, and the first thing i did was get one of the 4 long Islands i drank all night. Open Bar for the WIN!!!!!!

they even had these lil appetizers with tomato soup and Shrimp, BAWSE! Me and Deadstock was crushing them

upstairs at the party was like the Catalina wine mixer of sneakers, where people chilled, talked sneakers, took pics, and set up Sneakerpedia.com entree’s. you know i got one 😉 i also bumped into my mans Portchy, Sneakerbox Clyde, Kev, and my man from the other side of the world GhettroCentric

heres my SneakerPedia Entry pic, and my page is HERE

over the balcony was the stage on the basement level.

Peep out mayor on stage being the ultimate hypeman… i can dig it

i cant front, DJ Clark Kent had the Music ON LOCK! everything he played and spinned was blended so well…

Eventually Bun B came on stage and performed all the classics

Also the Good Brotha Jeff from over their at PHLI in Chicago peeped my ATR fitted and snapped my pic. Him and TY are peeps. Small world

after they turned the lights on me and Deadstock floated around talking to Various people like premium Pete, Nick from Solecollector/Eastbay, Mayor, Melissa, Bun B, DJ Clark Kent, etc. this one particular guy i met however, was funny as hell.

heres one of those old school SC sneaker circle shots

Premium pete had on the “Mango/Solar red” Lebron 8 v.2 lows on. looks like Infrared in person. not the new infrared either, the Old 2005 and prior kinda infrared. definitely has me sold on them as a cop when they drop

i took this a pic i thought was dope

Mayor had on the Paris air force 1 hybrid. not my fav, but gotta have balls to add a air force 1 sole to a $4,000 ish sneaker tho

Mr Phenon in concord XI jordans

Bun B in his Space Jam inspired Bespoke

SneekGeeks in the Tokyo Jordan V’s

eventually we left the party and got back to time square like 12am. my bus back to philly didnt come till 3am, so i hit up the movies to kill some time

i shoulda went and seen the Bridesmaid joint, but i was afraid it would end too early and have me waiting extra long, so i went with Priest… Bad decision

look at the prices of snacks in the movie theater tho…. SHEEESH.

all in all that Priest movie was weak. action scenes was cool, but the story line was some bull ish. good thing  bout it was that when it was over, it was closer to 3am

i was mad i couldn’t even pass out on the bus to philly either. so i was just soberly drunk and wide awoke brainstorming till i got off the peter pan at 5 am.

since my bus didnt come till 5:50 am, i decided to wander these mean streets of Philly as i usually do

Eventually i caught my bus, and had to remain awoke or i woulda ended up in Africa… and got around my way at…

with that said thats how i managed my 20hr day, which is cool. im use to it. All in All the Party was dope. i Mingled, drank, and collected business cards 😉

o and did somebody say stickers? no…. no they didn’t

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One Response to WDYWTD 5-17-2011: Sneakerpedia Party Recap

  1. Damn I wish I could have been a fly on the wall in there (or the dubray on some Air Forces)! Looks like you guys had a great time, and I know everyone had their shoe game on point.

    And those Iversons are ill, still pissed I let a pair slide on Ebay a few months ago.

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