i swear 2005 was one of the best years in sneakers imo. a fledging Nike Sb line making some of the best sneakers they had to offer in the Tifanys, De La Soul pack, Pidgeons, Rayguns, Pusheads, to name a few. even my Holy grail the Michigan dunk  came back in the BTTYS pack. i even rememeber destroying my Avenger dunks cause they were my favorites 

not to be outdone tho, Jordan Brand retro’d some pretty great pairs as well, likes the X’s and XIII’s. they even added some new flavor with the Altitude 13’s, both laser IV’s, and not to mention the XX’s either. they also linked up with the undefeated and Released  the grail of Grails, the Undfted Jordan IV

easily one of my  favorite jordans iv’s ever, next to the cement and eminems. the colorway is just dope. its so dope it works on other sneakers other then the Jordan, like when the people at Undefeated collabed with Converse and dropped these

so when i got the Request to do something similiar it was a no brainer. ive been itching to do something in this fashion since my homie Emmanuelabor did these custom undfted air force ones so many years ago with the engraved jumpmen on them

he also did these recently aswell. This time more of a Fusion kinda execution, but definately dope.

honestly, if i had to do it on a pair of air forces, id prolly let EL do them, just cause his pairs are so dope. lucky for me, my customer chose a different base shoe for me to work on so i actually have a shot at being “Special”  lol

 with that said i knew my execution would have to be different, but still give that UNDFTD iv feeling.  i also chose to contour the design so that it flows with the LB8 and how its typically paneled. i know usually my pics have the black, like so

but i decided to jump out the window this time and get caught in the Rain. anywho the Features include an Olive upper, while the fly wire sections shifts between olive and Orange depending on the angle, and a white midsole thats sitting on an Orange air unit. enjoy

o and BTW, i did the Air Bubble Orange too, no detail overlooked

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28 Responses to UNDEFEATED Lebron 8

  1. Loren Collins says:

    Thanks bro. I cant wait to rock em. Fire Code Violation! Lol

  2. o wow I had a very similar idea I was gonna shoot to you if I got the free giveaway customs but it would of been a bit more reconstruction to it. El knows about it. Might still get it done when I have the money for it.

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  5. John says:

    Great job !! How did u get the air bubble orange ?? Can u customise one for me ? If so how much !!

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  8. kixionary says:

    Those could just be the best 8’s this year that i’ve spotted on the net custom. Dope!

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  10. andrei wilson says:

    how can i purchase ???

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  19. Aaron Williams says:

    Is there anyway possible to buy shoes from you?

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  21. tamisha says:

    how much are these?

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  23. Jeanius says:

    Just send me the price cuz I need these in my life.

  24. mercenaryzoe says:

    Damn tightwork! How can I purchase these?

  25. Chris says:

    Dats Wat Dey Gonna Be Wearin In Da Army To Play BasketBall

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