Cool Grey Jordan VI

“Im swaggn out in my cool greys, no LL but these cool J’s”-Meek Millz

im pretty certain if there were 1 colorway that could define Jordan Brand, Bred aside, i believe it would be Cool Grey. its that shade of grey that seems to be timeless and hard to overwork. Jordan Brand has done tons of kicks with it, like these Jordan IV’s

dope, but i think prolly my favorite colorway was used on the IX’s. something about that grey gel sole just… pshhhh i need these in an 11 or 12, if you got these, Email me

Now you know i wouldnt forget to mention easily one of the most popular colorways for the Jordan XI, second only to the Space Jam XI

they also did the six rings in cool grey, but they feature 3m on the upper. if i couldnt get the XI’s, ida settled for these.

the colorway is so popular and shall i say… perfect, that they even added it to the Lebron 8 when they made the V.2 model. They used it more as an accent color tho since its only on the sole, while the upper is more of an Anthricite color

with that said, it was only but so long that i got requested to do something that utilized the color. Recently i was asked to recreate a sketch of sorts of this Cool Grey colorway o the Jordan 6.

he had a rough idea of how he wanted the upper done, but not  how he wanted the sole paneling done. Not a problem, as i tend to add and rework things as i go along, so i just ran with it. to make sure my colors match up perfect i had to match them with the cool Grey XI’s and the Lebron 8 v.2 cause im anal about my colors hardcore.

anyway with that said i did the upper with the darker grey tone, with a patent leather finish on to add depth (also gives a lil nod to the CGXI’s) and use the cool grey on the midsole and accent sections, and also gave the sole that ice blue tint like most of the newer releases have to them. Enjoy.

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26 Responses to Cool Grey Jordan VI

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  2. BreeZe says:

    Yo I have a lot if questions I need to ask could I get your email address

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  4. BreeZe says:

    Yo is there a way I can get your email I have some questions to ask you…the shoe is cold as well

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  9. ronald says:

    How can I buy a pair of ur sneakers I’ve been seeing all ur customs for a while in sneaker news and they fire and I wanna cop atleast one pair how can u sell me one?

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  14. Alice Bidell says:

    I would like to buy some of these shoe .How do I do that?

  15. MJSF says:

    JB need to take note. Nice customs fam.

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  19. andre says:

    How can I get a pair of those cool grey 6’s

  20. John.B says:

    Is there anyway my aj 6’s can be done in the cool grey color scheme please let me know willing to pay.

  21. andre says:

    How much will you sell these for?

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