Never Die

I know alot of people usually only see my custom sneakers in a deadstock unworn condition and wonder “are they wearable” and what not, so this is for you. press play and vibe with me.

this pair of Busy P Air Max 90’s  were made back in 2009

 and have been worn sporatically in 2010 (check the WDYWT post HERE)

but i decided to live it to the limit and wear them virtually everyday for 8 months straight. Basically anytime i didnt do a “WDYWT” post, i wore these.

they have been worn during Rain, snow, construction work i do, running errands, junkyard visits, late night graff sessions… you name it, they’ve been there

and as beat as they are, i still wear them, cause throughout all the beatings, they never died

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