Lebron 8 Grand Finale’ Package

The NBA Finals this year easily proved if “The decision” was worth it. in my honest opinion… it was. For Lebron to actually join a team, then have said team go to the Finals in the first year of him being there… yea, thats dope. you know what sucked tho? They didnt win it. *Insert Indian Tear*

Enter a much more prepared Dallas Mavericks. They came ready to play, and earned their victory. The irony of it all tho, is that Dallas Reached out to Lebron to sign  with them last off season, but he wouldnt even consider a meeting reportedly. It was so bad Mark Cuban even made an effort to have Lebron investigated on how they worked out him going to Miami. Maybe he can chill now that they finally have a championship

Anyway not only did Dallas put the offer out there, Nike even prepared for the “just-in-case Decision” by making Lebron 8’s in different mock-ups for the potential teams he could have went to, as first seen on the Sneaker Pimps tour in LA last year.

This Knicks/Hardwood classic colorway is my favorite

these may have been a Bulls colorway. their similiar to the released version but has a charcoal upper, black speckled midsole, and black toungue mesh

and last but not least, the Dallas Maverick Home version

O’and before you ask, these will never come out. EVER. theres a small handfull floating around and those are roughly 9 and 9.5 from what i was told (by a reliable source). Knowing that its only Right to amend that issue, but id have to add a lil twist to them just cause, all i needed was the right inspiration… i guess id do a away version since thats what they wore when they won in 6

but i wouldnt use that Jersey for the inspiration. im more of a fan of the Navy colors one with the photo blue hightlights

The more i think of it, if i was to do a Dallas Mavs Lebron 8, its only proper to do a Miami Heat Home version. Not to say the Finals LB8 PS didnt do any justice, shoot i may actually cop these if they ever drop, cause i really like them!

The reason id do one would basically be because i personally didnt like the PS version, but this colorway reminds me of the Gundams that ill prolly never be able to have 😦 so they are a win to me

Aside from that colorway, i also liked the Home PE version of the LB8 PS in just white, red, and Yellow that Lebron wore against the Bulls in Game 4.

i love the colorway, but not the base shoe. so i had to utilize that formula that was already there, but add some suttle twist to the transition to keep them different enough. Easy enough right? Heres the bases i chose to run with

and now for the details that seperate them

The Heat home pair has a all white upper, with a mettalic red toungue. aswell as a red and yellow swoosh, and the red and speckled yellow sole. the flywire sections have a mettalic finish also that also makes them stand out a lil bit but not crazy like. i have a small thing for “Subtle Details”

The Dallas Mavericks pair has a all Navy upper, with a photoblue color found on the toungue and speckling on the sole, as well as a 3m swoosh outlined in silver with other silver accents. the white 3m works more as a subtle stand out when you see them at certain angles.

as you can see, they both mirror each other, but have different dynamics.  down to even the small typically over-looked details

I also customized the drawer boxes they come in to be gold like the Larry O’Brian Trophy

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  4. Bodaga says:

    Do you customize shoes if I send you a pair? And how much

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