The Greatest Planking Ever… Almost

For yall not in the know, “Planken” is this fad where you lay flat like a surfboard with you arms to your sides, on random ish and post the pic on the net. it was “invented” in 1997 by some austrian guy, but became popular in 2003. some of it is pretty crazy

 Planken is also what slave masters did they stacked slaves on plank beds face down, hands chained to their waist and called it planking the slaves.

Now that yall know both sides of the story, Allow my to introduce Tahiry Jose’

 tell me this isnt the greatest planking EVER! thanks Tahiry 😉

and for the 3 people out there not familiar with Tahiry…

and no, that thing is NOT photoshopped… not that much anyway

the closet thing to this is Jenna Shea O_o

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