South Beach Lebron 8 V.2

Easily the Biggest, hypest sneaker release of 2010 had to be the South Beach Lebron 8. Thats pretty impressive considering that the copper Foamposites, Solid Griffeys, an onslaught of Retro Jordans including the Dorenbacher Jordan III’s and 3 of the BIN series Jordans dropped the same year! Ironically the last shoe with this kind of real dominance had a similar colorway as well. Anyone remember the Tiffany dunk low?

Yup the first thing i think of is the 2005 Tiffany dunk. The colorway is pretty close, but technically the dunks are Aqua and chrome; while the Southbeach LB8 colorway is Retro black, Pink fish, and Filament Green.


The main thing that pushed the sneakers over the edge was the Pink accents and laces. it took the Sneaker game back to a time where Laces made the shoe, i.e. the Jedi Dunk SB


Essentially the Jedi dunk was just your typical SB beater release, till you add the Neon Yellow laces, then they became HIGHLY coveted at the time. that’s what the pink laces in South beaches remind me of. It’s so crazy that people even added Pink laces to the retro blue foamposites and called them “South Beach” foams…

Not only does just adding Pink laces automatically give you a south beach foamposite, but even just the color combo itself makes your shoes south beaches, even if it’s not even the same shades. Take for example these Fly Wades that are a more pastel & black version

Now i actually like these kinda, but i gotta see them in person. id cop if they look good in person, just mad they drop so late in the summer… anyway tho the downside to most of this greatness of the LB8 is that unfortunately people will play a great thing out. with all popular things that have fallen off, the south beach LB8 has run into the buzz saw of ALL the great trends, the counterfeit market

Fake South beach lb8

for those not in the know, the hype and demand is so heavy for these that the fakes are even selling for 250-300 ish. RETAIL was 160 on the REAL pair which are now going for $650…  thats crazy!

Now i know what your thinking” But Miz, how do i know my pairs real?” well quality issues aside, look at the air unit. on the fake pairs its Blue and white; the real pair has a soft sea-foam colored kinda air unit and bottom sole.

Fake Pair 😦

Real Pair 🙂

Now i know im not the only one to feel some type of way about this crazyness, Enter the good homie and one of my fellow bloggers Deftronic

Seeing how we both have similar visions on things, & we both liked the colorway, it wasnt hard to agree on what needed to be done. He even had the Perfect base in mind as well, the Cool Grey Lebron 8 v.2

  Now, we both know this isn’t the first custom sneaker to use this colorway, Let alone the first custom sneaker I’ve done with this colorway. I also did some Forces for the homie Marley out Atlanta Inspired by the same sneakers.

He requested Pink swooshes tho, but i thought it would be a bit overpowering on both, so i did the inner checks pink, while the outer ones were black.

So with that said there’s been a few variations of the south beach, but these should be definitely the most fitting of them in our opinion. The main goal for me was to keep the same feel, yet expand on what can be done with the south beach colorway.

 I specifically wanted to keep with the idea that the V.2 was an upgrade to the v.1 and treat it accordingly aswell.

so as far as the Alterations go, i kept it the same South beach Teal color. Dead on match, but made the flywire panels mettalic teal, which changes tints depending on the angle you look at them (either green, gold, or blue). 

I noticeably changed the shade of pink as well.I decided to use a more Vivid Pink (instead of the pink fish colorway used on the Forces) to better match the tongue Alterations i made. 

Which is a subtle nod to the Shirts that were made for the South beach Lebrons

i also added a Pink air Max unit to them too, just to add some type of Identity to them.

And just cause i can, i made the Homie def some Gucci Insoles. I mean… why not?

So without further ado, here are the south beach Lebron 8 V.2, AKA THE KRACKEN!

Ironically tho, i own a few shirts that match pretty well with the south beachs, but don’t own south beachs… Might have to make me a pair now 😉

Like this one is a perfect match

This one looks better in person, flash kinda throws the pinks off

and the LNLY (Lonely Hearts) tee matches the og south beachs better imo. the pink shade is perfect for those

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