Do you sell your sneakers?

 Most of the work that I do is customer orders, but from time to time I will have pairs for sale. anything i have for sale is usually in the store section of the site, but I also take orders. so if you would like something done then send me a message telling me what you want done in detail and ill tell you what it will cost you. Provide as much information and I can tell you what I can do for you.

Do you provide the sneakers?

 Yes. I prefer to provide the sneakers used since I like variety, plus I can make sure there official and not bootleg/knockoffs/variants/ w/e you hipsters call them now-a-days.  But if you would like to send the sneaker then yes that’s fine as well. Just make sure there new and not worn/beat and we good

If i do provide the sneaker, does it have to be ALL white?

not at all. most of the shoes ive worked on over the years never been white, never was a problem. heres some pics of some pairs before and after so you can see if it mattered. whats more important to me is that the sole/midsole match or works well with the desired job to be done on the sneaker. 



  How else can I get in contact with you?  email me at mizzeecustoms@gmail.com or on yahoo instant messenger s/n is illmizzee. I’m also on youtube under mizzeecustoms.

How much do you normally charge?

 Hard question since all my work is different. All my prices range from $150-500 in most cases, maybe more depending on the job. It all depends on what you want and your budget. Do know you get what you pay for though.  All my prices include the price of the sneaker, shipping, laces, custom boxes, materials, etc depending on what the budget for the project is.   

 What method of shipping do you use? Normally USPS priority (3-4 days), but other arrangements can be made depending on what you prefer and are willing to pay for.

Do you replicate other artist work?

 No. It’s like an honor amongst thieves. If you see a pair of sneakers done by an artist then you should seek them out first. I will not copy there work for anything.

Do you replicate your own work? Like if I seen a pair of shoes you did and wanted you to make them in my size can that be done?

Depends. I hate doing the same thing twice. I prefer to create new work each round. It’s a cheat to me and my customer paying top dollar for a copy of something else. I tend not to do it in most cases, especially graphic work. Meaning if you see something you like then I can make you a pair along the same theme, but the work will be different. Example, the Friday the 13th pairs I’ve done.  Each one is different yet they have the same feeling to them. unless i decide to do a size run or something they all remain 1 of 1 or extremely limited in reproductions. but if you would like a certain custom sneaker but something altered let me know and it might be possible.

How can I pay you for a pair?

I accept paypal, money orders, western union, and cash, pretty much anything but checks.  

How long does it take you to do a pair? Depends on what’s being done.  It can take me anywhere from 3 hours to 50 hours per pair, so id say from the moment your payment clears it can take like 3 weeks to receive them maybe more, depends on my current schedule. I can also do rush orders but it will cost you for the expedited service depending on how fast you want them done and shipped.

How long does the paint last? 

As long as you treat them like nice sneakers and don’t do extraneous activities in them then they can last as long as the life of the shoe. There also waterproof so don’t worry about if it rains. plus material has alot to do with it too, like cheap leather dosnt last long since its not really porous and dosnt absorb the paint the same. Personally i have worn this pair of new balances for roughly 2-3 months straight while working doing carpenter work, random errands, working out, painting, rainy days etc. just crazy activities that I don’t recommend for you to do. Here is the before and after pics. (I retired them because they smell like death now)


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