Highlight Stick: The Oregon Duck Trail

easily the best Jerseys in Football, let alone NCAA, here are the redesigned 2012 version they’ll wear on the 3rd of september. i love the Carbon Fiber detail in the Wings

I like this black uni but the one they wore earlier this year in the Bowl game was better imo

I really like it more just cause the Helmet has a wing/carbon fiber -esque Print thats dope to me! i understand they made the new one lighter… but STYLE>>>FUNCTION!!!  J/K

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Video: “How To Love”- Lil Wayne

Best Lil wayne Video Ever!

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10 Years today: Rip Aaliyah

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WDYWT 8-24-2011: hare jordan VI

Sorry for the delay on the post, camera still in the shop :/ but anyway you know the Ritual, nice day, nice pair. went with the ever Popular Hare Jordan VI i made early this year

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Inspired: Christian Louboutin

“Yes, I wanted to be a shoe designer, but I never thought it could be a profession. But what was the alternative? Doctor? Too dirty! Air hostess? Maybe not! Then someone gave me a book on Roger Vivier and, cherie, instantly I knew that was it!”-C.Louboutin

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